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Bored? Game! is proud to announce some exciting new lines that will be introduced over the coming months. Here is the brief low down on the various companys we will now be able to get products from. A more detailed review of the items will be listed once products start arriving. Alternatively, if you know of a particular item you want from any of these companys or lines, then get in touch and we can specially order it in for you (stock availability with supplier permitting).

BattleFoam and KR cases will not be a stock item and will be a special order due to the different options available. Until an order page is set up, please get in touch via the contact page for more information.


Battle Foam Logo

BattleFoam: Battle Foam® specializes in custom cut foam packaging for miniatures, weapons, medical equipment and many other applications.


Dropzone Commander Logo

Dropzone Commander: The most talked about game of the year in 2012, Dropzone Commander sees players commanding opposing aerial and ground units as they fight for control of objectives and even the skys over the battlefield. Four races of highly detailed 10mm scale vehicles and troops each with a distinctive theme and style.


Army Painter Logo

The Army Painter: A massive modelling range with everything you need to paint, glue, base and convert your miniatures.

Dystopian Wars Logo

Dystopian Wars: Steam-punk Naval, Aerial and Tank based battles set in an alternate history filled wonderful and terrible scientific advances.

Mantic Logo

Mantic: Kings of War and Warpath. Great alternate miniature ranges for sci-fi and fantasy battles. These mark the return to sci-fi table top gaming of Space Dwarfs and the much awaited Space Rats. In the fantasy range there are some fantastic undead models and the evil Abyssal Dwarves.


Scibor Miniatures Logo

Scibor Miniatures: Producing amazing resin sculpts. Of particular note are their Sci-Fi Space Warriors with Egyptian, Spartan, Celtic and Roman themes. Scibor also produce a stunning range of bases to suit any army or battlefield theme.

Micro Art Studio Logo

Micro art studios: This company produce an even wider range of sculpted basing for your models. The variety on offer is staggering and the impact these bases have on the look and feel of you miniatures cannot be overstated. In addition to basing MicroArt have a growing range of Excellent Sci-fi scenery. The District 5 apartment building and Catwalk sets are particularly popular and are extremely well priced.

Avatars of War Logo

Avatar's of War: A fantastic range of fantasy sculpts particularly well known for its 'character kits' which offer a high level of customisation when assembling your miniature.

Tor Gaming Logo

Tor Gaming: Relics is a dark fantasy game with a unique and attractive model range and an evocative story.


Coat D Arms Logo

Coat d’ Arms: These are the original Citadel colours that gamers know and love, from goblin green to blood red, sun yellow to hawk turquoise.


KR Logo

KR Multicase: Some of the best and most economical miniature carrying and storage systems available. A wide range of foam trays allows cases to suit any gamer’s requirements.

Hi Tech Miniatures Logo

Hitech Miniatures: Excellent sci-fi marines and chaos abominations, accessories and bases.


Vallejo Logo

Vallejo Acrylics: An impressively wide range of colours to suit every painting requirement, Vallejo have a reputation for high quality among the gaming community.


Secret Weapon Logo

Secret Weapon: A great range of washes with some fairly unique shades and highly popular weathering pigments for incredibly realistic effects on your models.


Warmill Logo

Warmill: Fantastic Laser cut MDF terrain which is easy to assemble and looks awesome on the battlefield.


Studio Miniatures Logo

Studio Miniatures: ZOMBIES! and survivor characters from pop culture zombie films transformed for the tabletop.

 Titan Forge Logo

Titan Forge: Innovative fantasy sculpts for large armies of particular note is the orc and goblin undead models which look utterly awesome.


War Games Factory Logo

Wargames Factory: A massive range of well priced plastic troop kits from every genre and era imaginable also grouped with Dreamforge Games' gigantic Leviathan Models eight and a half inch towering monstrositys designed to be in scale with 28mm troops! Also a wide range of plastic sets including some excellent Feudal Japanese and Modern Zombie sets.


Deep Wars Logo

Deep Wars: This exciting new game simulates combat between explorers in the depths of the ocean! Drawing on undersea imagery of diving suit encased warriors, and monstrous sea dwelling beasties, the game pits ancient underwater civilisations and adventuring submariners against each other in the cold dark of the crushing deep.


Antimatter Games Logo

Antimatter Games: This evocative game is played in the depths of the ocean where intrepid explorers from the surface search the ruins of ancient underwater civilisations and do battle in the cold dark depths against the natural and not-so-natural inhabitants who have been living in secret below the waves.


Urban War Logo

Urban Mammoth-Urban War: Strike-Team Actions is simple to learn but difficult to master. It is a fast paced sci-fi skirmish game set in a brutal far-distant Galaxy. Players build small teams of soldiers to fight in the worn-torn city of Iskandria, the scene of countless vicious conflicts between competing factions, now also threatened by aggressive alien incursions.


Kromlech Logo

Kromlech: Fantastic Sci-Fi miniatures and enormous range of conversion parts to suit every modeller’s imagination.


Ax Faction Logo

Ax Faction: Ax Faction are a new boutique miniatures company producing edgy and exquisite 32mm miniatures for the Collector, Role-player & Wargamer.


Sphere Wars Logo

Sphere Wars: Sphere wars is an innovative, fast paced and dynamic game which introduces remakarkable features that blaze new trails in the world of hobby gaming. The World of Saphir is inhabited by races which present a wide array of extemely diverse creatures that thrive and wane against a compelling, groundbreaking backdrop. Humans equipped with swords and magic armours, Amazon mercenaries, hordes of impish demonic creatures, beastmen, fierce predators and many more all vie for supremacy.


Table Top Towns Logo

Table Top Towns: A set of practical, high quality, laminated, fold flat, cardboard buildings for use with any 28mm wargame/tabletop roleplaying system. While being very durable and strong, they are also very quick to set up and easily transported making them ideal for small skirmishes


Bushido Logo

Bushido: Bushido is an Oriental themed game of savage battles, cunning stratagems and last-ditch defences, and where debts of honour are paid in blood. Ninja, Samurai and demons all in one place, who could want more?


Godslayer Logo

Godslayer: Set in a rich and detailed fantasy universe named Calydorn, GODSLAYER is a fast and tactically challenging tabletop skirmish game played with highly detailed metal miniatures. The game combines high fantasy with elements of ancient civilizations and the legends of Greek, Roman and Norse Mythology.


Maxmini Logo

Maxmini:  A huge range of weapons and conversion parts for your miniatures with a small range of stunning model sculpts.

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